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Welcome to the Nation’s LEADING ALL-IN-ONE Online Solution for APPROVING Emotional Support Animals & Psychiatric Service Dogs!

Thanks to the growing improvements of online healthcare, known as “Telemedicine,” we have streamlined the process for individuals who have qualifying medical conditions to obtain their Emotional Support Animal and/ or their Psychiatric Service Dog paperwork ONLINE! More often than not, people have wasted a lot of time, money, and energy with licensed medical professionals who do not believe in the power or merits of ESA’s (Emotional Support Animals) or PSD’s (Psychiatric Service Dogs), as a viable treatment option to help people with their emotional and/ or mental illnesses. Well here at The DOGtor, our network of licensed medical professionals do believe in the therapeutic benefits of having ESA’s allowed in your residence, despite a landlord or property managers, “No Pet” policies, and/ or having a PSD allowed in the cabin of an airplane when travelling.

According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, a landlord or property manager cannot discriminate against any individual who has the proper documentation and/ or prescription letter from a licensed physician or mental health professional, illustrating their need(s) for an Emotional Support Animal to be allowed to live with them in housing. In regards to animals being allowed to fly, as of January 1, 2020, The Department of Transportation has given the airlines a lot more power of authority to decide who can, or cannot, travel with their pet(s), and/ or what kind of animals are allowed, or not allowed, in the cabin of an aircraft. As of right now, until things change, ONLY service dogs and/ or “Psychiatric Service Dogs” are permitted in the cabin of an airplane, FREE OF CHARGE.

After the completion of our medical questionnaire, you can rest assured knowing that a licensed medical professional will review your submission, and provided that you have given enough information with your answers to establish that you do have at least one of the many “qualifying” medical conditions, you should be approved to have your pet(s) as an ESA and/ or your dog(s) as a PSD. Not only do we pride ourselves in allowing pets to live in happy and loving homes while providing the necessary care to their owners, but we also value your credit score and rental history! Do NOT be the individual who gets an eviction notice for having a pet, because you did not take the time to go through our simple online approval process to see if your pet might qualify to be an Emotional Support Animal. Instead of allowing landlords and property management companies to tell you where you CANNOT live, let The DOGtor help to tell them where you CAN! We can help to make your rental living, pet friendly, without you having to pay pet rent, or pet deposit!

Starting the approval process for an ESA and/ or a PSD is only a mouse-click away! Complete The DOGtor’s ONLINE medical questionnaire TODAY!

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You or your loved one COULD qualify in as little as 30 minutes to be approved for an emotional support animal. Take our risk free medical evaluation! Get instant approval! 100% refundable if you do not qualify!

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