About Us

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, house, or in a college dormitory, you have the legal right to have a pet in your residence to treat your medical condition! Knowing how valuable a pet can be for treating many psychological and physical symptoms, our mission at The DOGtor could not be more simple: to increase awareness about the Fair Housing Act while qualifying as many individuals as possible to own an emotional support animal in their home.

At The DOGtor we not only have a passion for animals, but also helping our patients get through their days and nights as comfortable as possible. Fusing animals and humans together in a happy and loving home environment is why we started this business, not to mention that a lack of public knowledge and overall suppression of the truth by landlords and property management companies is why we wanted to make The DOGtor into a household name. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that lifting the veil of the Fair Housing act to educate the American people was not only necessary, but long overdue. At the end of the day, the best part about doing what we do ­besides turning our passion into a business-is making rental living pet friendly!

Although medical studies and literature have underscored the many benefits that pets can have on the human psyche, reading about it will never be the same as experiencing th is incredible power first-hand with your emotional support animal! So what are you waiting for? Getting qualified for an ESA is only a phone call away ! Have you seen The DOGtor today?